About Me

profile roundDesign Jamba is an online magazine for designers and anyone that has an interest in anything design. Design is everywhere, from Apple’s iPhone to Fitbit’s Surge. Our purpose is to showcase artists and designers from all over the world and their work. My goal is to be a resource to find and be inspired by all types of design from graphic design to motion graphics to furniture design and architecture. Before Apple, design was something that only the elite or people that were in the industry were interested in. Since Apple created the iPhone and the Macbook Pro, design really became an everyday thing that people noticed. Good design will change the world and will change the way we live our everyday lives.

Design Jamba was started by designer and filmmaker Diego Gagliardi in 2016. Having experience in the entertainment industry and over 20 years in the design industry. Our goal is to entertain, educate and inspire anyone that comes by. I hope you enjoy and keep coming back.

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